My Tuition Car...

This is my tuition car. Well, it used to be. I've replaced it with an upmarket red version that features a neUrotic DAB radio.

It's a dual-control Suzuki Swift hatchback.
It's a very pleasant and easy-to-drive hatchback about the same size as a Fiesta.

The car is stacked with most of the latest safety technology which is a hidden benefit for my learners.

It's engine is very efficient and consequently very good on fuel consumption and low on emissions. Because it's low on emissions, the road fund licence is very low cost.

Keep your costs down folks!

This car is petrol but I did previously have the diesel version for a short while. I hated it; a little monster! Wants its own way at all cost; bullies the learner! Also, the diesel is so very powerful at very low speed that it is unstallable. So if the learner is clumsy with the clutch the diesel will keep going. Some instructors love the diesel for that reason; less bother for them! Consequently, the learner never has to learn to show finesse with the clutch which they have to do with the petrol engine and will find it very difficult to drive a petrol car after they've passed their test and may be unsafe attempting to drive a petrol because they keep stalling unexpectantly.
Because the petrol engine is so efficient and because diesel fuel is more expensive than petrol, fuel cost saving of the diesel over the petrol is not great, so the diesel is not worth the suffering (in my opinion). In addition, diesels emit the evil particulate (microscopic particles of carbon) which not only invade the deepest recesses of the lungs but pass through the walls of the lung and into the blood stream to thereafter invade all other vital organs in the body. And the diesel also emits evil gases such as sulphur dioxide and nitrus oxide which can poisen directly through the lungs. (latest research); yuck!

kev stevenson