Study Materials

In the old days we used to learn driving theory from books and the official Highway Code but not any more. Now it is all apps on your mobile phone or DVDs and computer based learning but you still can get the theory from books.

The Highway Code is still the best theory source

Those of you who are not PC computer buffs are at a disadvantage. You will need access to a PC computer to install your DVD to practice your hazard perception but as second best an app in your phone might do it. NOTE: An Apple computer may not be able to operate the DVD. Can a friend or family member help by loaning a Windows based PC?

Which books, DVD's etc?

There is an infinite range of learning materials available (everybody wants your money) and the DVSA leads the way. Have a look at their web site
Click to Buy Official DVSA Products including an iPhone app Here.

But Secretly...

I want you to know that all you need is:

a) The Highway Code (from Geoff) £2.50. Get it and learn it!

b) A free copy of Geoff's Study Guide to use with the Highway Code.

c) A hazard perception DVD by FOCUS (£12.00 from major bookshops or £10.00 from Geoff)

Other Possibilities Are:

Loads of other DVDs from various sources including the DVSA.

Geoffs driving notes: Free!

Know Your Traffic Signs....TSO....£3.50.... (This booklet is recommended!)

Your Driving Test (DVSA)....TSO....£2.75 (Video/DVD also available)

Driving - the essential skills (DVSA)....TSO....£12.99

The Complete Theory Test (DVSA)....TSO....£11.99

The list is endless.

Your driving instructor should be able to show you many of the above titles in his car.


For a full driving tuition syllabus you should refer to the DVSA publication Your Driving Test (TSO), page 43 or ask Geoff Caldwell

DVSA stands for The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. They control everything to do with learning to drive. They also publish their own learning materials.

TSO stands for The Stationary Office. They are the government publishing house, nowadays on a private franchise and selling both online and through major bookshops.

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